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First Day of Cruise

It was such fun from the moment we arrived the day before, it was trek, trek, trek the whole time. There were a bunch of folks staying at our hotel (I’ll call it the overflow hotel, as the Hilton in Miami was full). We met some folks and went to a party the night before.

The end of the calendar year is nigh.  The beginning of the cycle of life is about to being with Yule.

The Ark Angel Station had their annual Holiday Party and Ferengi Gift Exchange on Saturday, December 17, 2016 at Mike and Celena’s home.  It was another rousing game of strategy to see which gift you would go home with and this year we added the option to defend with a roll of a D20 (20-sided dice for you non-gamers).


It’s been a tough year for most of the world and for us personally.  We have lost friends and family. Please be safe and merry!

Due to a number of members having things on the 4th Saturday, we will move the normal meeting day (called Ark Angel Station Days) to the second Saturday of the month beginning in 2014.  However, several of those days conflict with already scheduled events from around the Region and the Fleet.  In those months, we may have a short meeting during the event, have the meeting on the 4th Saturday instead, or skip the meeting entirely.

Don’t forget to check out an updated schedule on this website on the Upcoming Events page.

We have a table at Wizard World’s Austin Comic Con 2013.  Volunteer to help man it.  We’ll see you there.


Want to see us at last year’s Con?  See Fleet Captain Lloyd Bates of the Ark Angel Station at Wizard World in Austin-2012. The Station’s section starts at around 4 minutes and 35 seconds in the video.  Click link below:

Ark Angel Station on KEYE

Don’t forget to Register for STARFLEET’s International Conference 2013 to be held in Dallas, Texas August 1-47, 2013.

For more information check out the IC 2013 Website.

I would like to thank the Alamo Drafthouse Lake Creek location for letting us hang out in their lobby for 2 days.  They were great!  We had a great time.  If you met us and want to chat, then send us an email through our Hailing Frequencies on our main site.

From Left to Right: Ark Angel Station Members: Kathy, Reed, and John, and USS Gygax Member Melissa.

We looked at the calendar and pretty much the only weekend available for most was Mother’s Day.  May 10-12 at a Campground in between Austin and San Antonio.  We knew that the USS Crockett would want to attend, so it’ll be a joint chapter event or possibly a Zone event if we get others involved.  We’re looking at Potters Creek Park on the north side of Canyon Lake.  Anyone been there before?  It looks rather promising.

Please check out the updated Schedule.  There are many exciting things for us to do in the coming months.  We Rock!

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