Don’t forget to make your reservations and set up payment plans (pay off by Oct 2020). Join us for our 20th Anniversary as a Chapter of STARFLEET for a
Western Caribbean Cruise.

ACTUAL DATES – SUN TO SAT (Crew check Facebook for dates)

Ark Angel Station Members: Hello.
Don’t forget to RSVP on FB or via replying to this email for the next Pinball Tournament and celebration of the anniversary of the first season episode on Saturday, September 8, 2018. I thought we could start showing up at 5:00 p.m. for those with kiddos, and when the most folks are there, we’ll do the tournament, then continue to play, eat, drink and be merry.
LOCATION: Pinballz Arcade, Lake Creek Location

To see all upcoming events: http://ops.arkangelstation.com/?page_id=2

Newsletters for 2017 are finally up, mea culpa, Mike had them all done on time, I didn’t do my job getting them posted.
We missed a few editions during the transition, but we’re getting it all sorted.
2018 Newsletters: Here’s some fan fic, meeting logs, and schedule info to tide you over, till we get formatting finalized.
Inside The Rock Volume IIX, Edition 1 (June)

Your Captain, Fleet Captain Lloyd Bates

First Day of Cruise

It was such fun from the moment we arrived the day before, it was trek, trek, trek the whole time. There were a bunch of folks staying at our hotel (I’ll call it the overflow hotel, as the Hilton in Miami was full). We met some folks and went to a party the night before.

The end of the calendar year is nigh.  The beginning of the cycle of life is about to being with Yule.

The Ark Angel Station had their annual Holiday Party and Ferengi Gift Exchange on Saturday, December 17, 2016 at Mike and Celena’s home.  It was another rousing game of strategy to see which gift you would go home with and this year we added the option to defend with a roll of a D20 (20-sided dice for you non-gamers).


It’s been a tough year for most of the world and for us personally.  We have lost friends and family. Please be safe and merry!

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The Ark Angel Station had a joint meeting/gaming day with the Royal Dragoon Guards (RDG).

  • We’ll coordinate future events with them.
  • We have our own calendar, and Reed Bates went over a few highlights events.
  • Jeff Webb talked about TSR’s Gangbusters, a 1920’s RPG, which also has other different eras.
  • Jeff Webb presented Captain Sonar, which is a battleship LARP but on boards.
  • We rolled dice and played games.
  • Don’t forget Girl Scout cookies on sale.

We had a great time hanging with the crew of the USS Texas, which doubles as the RDG somewhat.

The Station was Region 3’s Chapter of the Year.  We had many meetings and many fun events.  The 323rd MSG got together for actual meetings and conversations with planned charity support.

Due to a number of members having things on the 4th Saturday, we will move the normal meeting day (called Ark Angel Station Days) to the second Saturday of the month beginning in 2014.  However, several of those days conflict with already scheduled events from around the Region and the Fleet.  In those months, we may have a short meeting during the event, have the meeting on the 4th Saturday instead, or skip the meeting entirely.

Don’t forget to check out an updated schedule on this website on the Upcoming Events page.

We have a table at Wizard World’s Austin Comic Con 2013.  Volunteer to help man it.  We’ll see you there.


Want to see us at last year’s Con?  See Fleet Captain Lloyd Bates of the Ark Angel Station at Wizard World in Austin-2012. The Station’s section starts at around 4 minutes and 35 seconds in the video.  Click link below:

Ark Angel Station on KEYE

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